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Guess Who Made Oprah’s List?

“Extend your living room all the way to the backyard, with a patio heater cleverly disguised as a lamp.”
page 95

New York Times

Warming Trend
True to form, the Kindle Glow, with its translucent shell, offers not just warmth but mood lighting.

Elle Decoration (Germany)

“WARM-UP …for extra long nights in the outdoors: this heater is also beautiful in daylight”

Los Angeles Times

Kindle Glow: Let There Be Light As Well As Warmth
The Kindle Glow makes such a strong first impression-modern, playful, irreverent-

LA Confidential magazine

“So many lunches (so little time)”

This Old House – Best New Home Products

“Our favorite innovations are those that seem so obvious after the fact, like this combo patio heater/lamp.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“How Larry Ellison created the summer’s hottest restaurant scene for Malibu’s Beachside billionaires”

Los Angeles

Prime Finds-Dark Victory
Make over clunky heat lamps with a Kindle Heater, a decorative shell for gas or propane lamps.

Vanity Fair

“Guests dined alfresco” under the heat of Kindle heaters.
page 33

Home Beautiful

“The right heating system will transform your outdoor area into a year-round retreat.”

Elle (Czech Republic)

“Kindle Living’s seductive patio heaters bring warmth and light reminiscent of a long summer night.”

Japan Magazine

“Hacienda del Cieo, design by Takeshi Sano” featuring Kindle heaters.

Concept Projects Turkish Design Magazine


US Weekly Magazine

“Extend your living room all the way to the backyard, with a patio heater cleverly disguised as a lamp.”

Garden Design

Ambience Plus
This fixture looks like a lamp, yes. But the Kindle Glow is that and more.

Garten Idee (Switzerland)

Garden Secrets… A modern take to bringing heat outdoors…

The Zoe Report

“our focus is aimed at creating a cozy, warm environment – both indoors and outdoors- to welcome all guests who may enter during the holiday season. Topping our décor wish list is today’s Bella Petite Outdoor Heater by Kindle Living!”


“We happen to think Kindle Living has the chicest, hottest heaters around.”

Sotheby’s Auction – Obey Kindle Lumen by Shepard Fairey

Proceeds went to benefit the Art of Elysium, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 1997. It “encourages working actors, artists, and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions.

Mercedes Benz Website

What heater can match the design sophistication of a Mercedes Benz?

Vanity Fair March 2012

From intimate dinners to glamorous Hollywood cocktail parties…” Kindle Living helps bring magic to Foodnik’s bespoke caterering in Los Angeles.

The Chicago Tribune

Now Your Patio Can Look This Hot
The company sees a market for outdoor heaters with the visual appeal of indoor furnishings.

Beach Bungalow 8

Glowy Goodness
Kindle Living has created an ingenious concept, sleeving the old utilitarian design with a beautiful outer layer and creating a glowing piece of functional art.

Apartment Therapy

Fave Accessories For Outdoor Entertaining
We love these new products by Kindle Living. Such a cool twist on an outdoor heater.


In The Glow
Add some whimsy and warmth to your next outdoor affair. The Kindle Glow is danged cool.

Smart Planet

The Portable Gas Heater: A Thing Of Beauty?
Kindle Living is supplying the warmth for Hollywood’s coolest parties and creating real buzz in the design community.


Burn, Baby, Burn
Enter these brilliant outdoor patio heaters from Kindle. Much cooler than the standard heater you’ve seen, this stylish “glowing” number is awesome.

LHeverything (lyndsey hamilton events)

Brilliant Idea Goodness
Check out these adorably modern, cute versions of the heating lamp created by Kindle. What can we say other than pure perfection?

Chandra Keel

Outdoor Heaters That Actually Look Good
Kindle Living has designed outdoor heaters that are worthy of display.