60 Second Soundbite from Dwell on Design

60 Second Soundbite from Dwell on Design

Yep, it’s that time again. Kindle Living joins home turf favorite, Dwell on Design, at the LA Convention Center, June 21-23 for a three day celebration of all that’s right in the world of architecture, interiors, furniture and design.

Last year, if you recall, it was all about the AirStream. This year we’ve got our eye on Inside Norway, a ‘mini-shop’ sponsored by The Federation of Norwegian Industries.

We are smitten with The Woods Glass Sculptures by Stokkeaustad and Andreas Engesvik. There’s whimsy in this collection of glass forms, which appear to balance precariously on their delicate trunks. Among the trees we love the transparency. The play between the sizes and shapes, and how the kaleidoscope of colors reflect the organic changes that occur in an Autumn landscape.

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