Design Soundbite | Not Bah-Humbug Holiday Lighting

Design Soundbite | Not Bah-Humbug Holiday Lighting

With the first few days of December behind us, holiday planning (read madness) is officially under way, and for many, the number one decoration priority is festive lighting. For some that means a tradition of endless untangling, precarious ladder climbs, and strands of colorful lights. For others the touches may be subtle, meant to evoke a certain mood or include just the occasional pop of color. At Kindle Living, we understand mood. Our Lumen Lamp is a whimsical statement piece that isn’t afraid to influence a setting. From a glowing soft white to red, greens and blues-we’ve got the seasonal color palate covered. We love the idea of finding holiday lighting in unexpected places, and although the below collage runs the gamut from traditional to outside the box interpretations, we think there’s enough merry good cheer to satisfy the most bah-humbug of holiday decorators.


Lumen Lamp by Kindle Living  •  Martha Stewart DIY Outdoor Stars  •  Northern Globe String Lights by Restoration Hardware  •  Capiz Star String Lights by Anthropology  •  Snowflake Paper Lantern by Paper Lantern Store  •  Pom Pom Garland by Pom Pom Galore  •  Starlit Tree Collection by Restoration Hardware  •  DIY Marry & Bright Signage via A Beautiful Mess  •  Oxidized Bronze Hurricane Lanterns by Deborah Ehrlich  •  Candle Lights by Dechem  •  Brass Bird Menorah by Jonathan Adler  •  Lantern with Leather Handle by Holmegaard  •  Starlit Wreath by Restoration Hardware  •  Cardiff Lantern Collection by Restoration Hardware  •  Les Perles Candleholder by Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac  •  Lumen Lamp by Kindle Living

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