Archicine / A Celebration of Architecture in Film

Archicine / A Celebration of Architecture in Film

It’s Oscar time again and as much as we love the bare-your-soul acting performances and glamour of the Red Carpet, this year we find ourselves fixated on celebrity of a different sort. Artist and architect Federico Babina has created a series of illustrations reminding us that flesh and blood actors aren’t the only ones with the ability to work it in front of the camera. The iconic works of architecture featured in his Archicine series are all film stars in their own rite – leading players and protagonists who develop personalities alongside the characters that inhabit their spaces. They are futuristic backdrops, animated scene-stealers and modern masterpieces –equally engaging and equally responsible for any architectural obsessions you might have with with outer space abodes or superhero hideouts.

Film / Director / Architectural Note
The Man Without a Past / Aki Kaurismaki / container house built on set
Star Wars / George Lucus / computer generated + set design
Mon Oncle / Jacques Tati / set design
The Party / Blake Edwards / LA apartment bldg. + set design
The Incredibles / Brad Bird / computer generated, inspired by mid-century architecture
A Single Man / Tom Ford / John Lautner (Schaffer House)
Body Double / Brian De Palma / John Lautner (Chemosphere House)
Zabriskie Point / Michelangelo Antonioni / Paolo Soleri
The Big Lebowski / Joel Coen (John Lautner (Sheats-Goldstein House)
North By Northwest / Alfred Hitchcock / set design
Rear Window / Alfred Hitchcock / set design
Le Mepris / Jean-Luc Godard / Adalberto Libera
LA Confidential / Curtis Hanson / Richard Neutra (Lovell Heath House)
The Fountainhead / King Vidor/ set design


For any Pixar Animation- Architecture buffs looking to geek out, take a peek at Zachary Edelson’s Architizer blog post  – The Architecture of the Incredibles – a fantastic look into the film’s brilliant and well-researched architectural narrative.

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