Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

If you are anything like me, you’ve become well established as the documentarian of your daily life. You’ve smiled, smirked and selfied. Celebrated and shown off. Traveled and travailed. And along the way, you’ve posted and posted and posted. True, we’re sharing, connecting and communicating, but more often than not those moments stay trapped within the confines of computers and social media. 

Well, Artifact Uprising has a battle cry for the mobile millennium– off your device and into your life – and a newly released iPhone app to support doing just that. In not much more than the time it takes to tweet, you can create a photo book full of linger-worthy memories. And that’s what the folks at Artifact Uprising hope you’ll do – share the legacy of your experiences and inspire others through those stories. It’s an important reminder, their mission – to be inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. They help us to do it beautifully and thoughtfully, and in a way that encourages us to find and cherish meaningful moments in which we can pause and reflect.

With holiday cheer in the air, Artifact Uprising also gives good (photo-centric) gift! We love the wood block + prints set (as Colorado travelers we appreciate the use of locally reclaimed beetle-kill pine) and think the Postcard Pack makes a most perfect stocking stuffer.

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