A Campfire for the 21st Century

The Bella is the antithesis of the ho-hum heater. Gentle curves, sophisticated styling, and unrivaled performance help establish its place as a chic and innovative trendsetter in luxury outdoor heating. Propane or natural gas compatible.

We love options.

Improved, more uniform and pleasant heating performance
Commercial performance with US made Sunglo heater
Available in propane LP (40,000 BTU) or natural gas NG (50,000 BTU)
8-10 hour run time with full propane tank at maximum heat
Simple assembly & lift cover for propane tank & lighting access

Completely self-contained (LP) and no electricity required for heater
Durable, lightweight, easy to maintain shell
Made with recycled and recyclable materials
Handmade in Southern California
Award-winning design
US and International patents

Aside from its obvious sculptural appeal, the design of the Kindle Heater results in a more effective heating canopy. Instead of the heat dissipating as it rises, the shade directs it downward, enveloping the user in consistent warmth that is softer and more pleasant than with a stand-alone unit. Pilot re-lighting or an uneven burner flame caused by a slight breeze is mitigated as the shade acts as a shield that, like a hurricane lantern, protects the heater’s engine from the elements. Each shade is lined with a revolutionary, patented, Firewall Protection for added safety and improved performance. The Kindle Heater shells are made of 100% recyclable composite materials that are impact, dent, and scratch resistant, UV protected, virtually chemical proof, and easy to clean for years of good looks. All Kindle Living components are handmade and assembled in Southern California.

For uncompromised performance in the most rigorous of commercial applications, this Kindle Heater is powered by a USA made, CSA Certified, Infrared Dynamics Sunglo patio heater, rated at 40,000 Btu/Hr with A270 Propane (LP) or 50,000 Btu/Hr with A242 Natural Gas (NG), with readily available replaceable parts and service network.

One year limited warranty. Please refer to full terms & conditions.

Propane tank not included.

Assembly required.

We advise sheltering the heater and/or removing the Kindle shade in windy conditions.