Big Sur

Big Sur

We’ve fallen hard for this epic stretch of California coast, returning year after year to prove our devotion. We’ve raised a glass of bubbly to ring in a New Year, gobbled turkey in thanks, and howled beneath a summer solstice moon. On a recent visit, we hiked Andrew Molera State Park in the tracks of a wily coyote and, in typical fashion, gorged ourselves silly Big Sur Bakery style. (Berry strudel in the summer, apple in the fall!) All that remains to say about this magical place has been said, and by writers far cooler than us. (We’re looking at you Miller & Kerouac!) Out of respect, we’ll let our photos do the talking.

Lately we’ve been staying at the Glen Oaks. Our sweet ‘Little Sur Cabin’ offered big time character and charm. Great modern decor nestled beneath the Redwood giants and a stone’s throw from the Big Sur River.

Private fire-pit, s’more kits available

Big Sur Bakery, where all kinds of magic happens.

We love hiking at Alfred Molera State Park. There isn’t a bad trail. Or view.

Limekiln State Park is another hidden treasure.

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