Drawn the Road Again

Drawn the Road Again

Chandler O’Leary is hitting the road armed with an arsenal of sketchbooks, pens and watercolors, and she isn’t taking any prisoners – unless you count us and the hours we’ve spent pouring over her genius illustrated travel diary, Drawn the Road Again. From coast to coast (and every vintage road sign, covered bridge, and fiberglass dinosaur in between), O’Leary’s sketches feel like love letters to the sites she sees. It’s obvious she’s as smitten with her discoveries as we are in being a fly on her dashboard. With charm, whit and whimsy, this documentarian, and jackolope lover, is pure joy, absolutely worthy of some serious rubbernecking!


When she’s not on the road Chandler O’Leary runs Anagram Press, specializing in lettering, illustration and printmaking.

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