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Inspiration (Location)

In the beginning we were inspired – to create and innovate. To reinvent an industry that had remained (essentially) unchanged since the 1960’s. We had a vision – knew what Kindle would look like, understood the engineering necessary to bring it to life. We amended and altered. Toyed with and tweaked. There were prototypes, color tests and trials. Along the way, our single-focused objective was driven by inspiration from many muses, but the motivating force was imagining the day we would experience our product in context. Warmth, mood, a blend of form + function – we predicted it would transform spaces and bridge a much needed gap. We worked and played anticipating Kindles gracing our favorite stomping grounds – hotels, houses and hot spots. We envisioned projects traversing the farthest reaches of the globe, mingling with various styles of architecture. This (Pinterest curated) record is evidence of that inspiration, a slice of insight into the sort of locations that fueled our fantasies.


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