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Inspiration | Table Settings

With an abundance of holiday happenings just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about table settings. About how a bare table lays in wait, expectant yet vulnerable to the whim and mercy of the person holding the plates. Each gathering presents an opportunity, a blank canvas on which to express a mood or to celebrate an occasion. Perhaps it’s the reflection of a season or the surprise send-off for a round-the-world traveller. There are choices to be made. Many choices. Think of the inherent differences between a cocktail party and an afternoon tea. What is the mood? What’s your inspiration? Maybe it’s sharing your love of a favorite color or the perennial blooms from your garden. There are those who hail from the school of more is better and those who appreciate the grace of a paired down elegance. There is vintage and there is the very new. There is no right or wrong, only the endless decisions that come from so many options. We struggled with how to categorize the settings – is it romantic, rustic, minimal and traditional? Is it garden, desert and farm? Ultimately we settled on edible, blooms, green-things and glow. Enjoy and here’s to an inspired start the holiday festivities.