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I intended today’s post as an acknowledgment and concession that although we welcome the changing season – snuggle-up weather, falling leaves, pumpkins and persimmons -we will, at some point along winter’s journey, long for hot summer days digging our toes in the sand. That was the idea anyway. As it stands, we are in the midst of an unbelievable heat wave, and these photos are more likely a reminder that sometimes even the beaches are too hot to handle. Don’t let that dissuade you! However you view them, today or in December with a blizzard raging outside, I hope they serve as the ideal antidote, equal parts artistic vision and much needed escape.

Stephen Zirwes:pier stephan_zirwes_opiom_gallery_465 24-haufenstrand_7998

Yoichi Kawamura:197797-C44-V2 D54-V2.psd

Gray Malin:a-la-plage-gray-malin-6 maroubra-bay st-tropez-red-umbrellas Gray-Malin-A-La-Plage-A-La-Piscine-the-hamptons_5

Uta Barth:d40de71b-6dfe-4abc-bc5c-53a0fb5bc353_g PC050259 2012-april18-0021psf1

Massimo Vitali: so_who_the_fuck_is_massimo_vitali__by_drivingyou-d6ceru8 Massimo_Vitali_02 Richard Misrach:WE3mK ON-THE-BEACH-Untitled-394-03-2003Plate-23-Untitled-642-02-2002 Plate-13-Untitled-354-03-2003 misrachbig

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