Inspiration (Shape)

Inspiration (Shape)

What inspires you? Snaps your head to attention? Compels you on a given path? What moves a person to follow a particular pursuit – to want to change the world, or a life, or an industry? What drives an architect to lay pencil to paper, an artist to dig hands in wet clay? Is it the burnt orange of a setting sun or the breathtaking marvel of a suspended bridge?  Did you wear it, taste it or listen to it? Did it knock you upside the head or whisper gently in your ear? Thankfully, there are no rights or wrongs, no ‘too few’ or ‘too many’, just the wonder of the thing itself and its curious power to provoke.

Today (and in a series of posts) we contemplate our own origins of inspiration through a visual stream-of-consciousness.  We’re kicking it off with Shape –because our (increasingly recognizable) silhouette has become the iconic design element for our brand.

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