Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood

We are consistently wowed by architecture and design that pays tribute to wood’s seemingly endless inspiration as a muse. From contemporary rehabbed barns to minimalist desert getaways, wood’s architectural time-to-shine seems in no danger of waning. Consider the not so simple manner in which wood is molded, shaped, and repurposed with awe-inspired results, to say nothing of how grain, color and texture are used to enhance and elevate the raw material. Whether it’s the drama of an expansive slatted pergola or the simplicity of a set of reclaimed bowls, the possibilities are as endless as the imagination. At Kindle Living, we recognized the need for an outdoor heating solution highlighting wood’s universal appeal and which would allow our clients the opportunity to further compliment their unique decor. Our Sierra outdoor heaters are bench-made by a master woodworker and can be specified in either sustainably grown African mahogany or honey Bamboo. The result is dynamic and grand, detailed perfection for those who appreciate the wonder of one of a kind. See below for a few of our short list picks demonstrating the many marvels of wood. Check out our Sierra heater HERE.

wood architecture collage

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