Light Show

Light Show

Creativity is a core principle of our brand at Kindle Living, and we love nothing more than finding inspiration in the way our clients apply that same attitude to their own spaces. Use of color through lighting is a great opportunity to create a unique atmosphere or to set a specific mood. Our Blumen/Lumen lamps featuring multi-color smartphone controlled LED bulbs allow clients millions (we’re not exaggerating) of color-combo options. There are over 1,000 shades of white alone!

Feeling green? The Yotel in NYC is a brilliant example of using color to create a cool vibe with our Blumen lamps.

Special events and holidays are the perfect opportunity to make an impression. Our Lumen and Blumen lamps can enhance a specific theme or décor.

Getting your groove on? Our lighting system glows in synch to your favorite tunes when connected to a smartphone.

When the sun goes down, we light things up!