Get Lit

The Lumen makes a bold statement providing soft light that’s heavy on mood. It’s a floor lamp reimagined and executed on a whole new scale. Indoors or out, there’s never been a better excuse to leave the light on. Plug-in ready, things are about to get lit.

16 million colors mean
you’ll never run out of choices.

How do 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white at your fingertips sound? As an optional add-on, the Lumen brings groundbreaking lighting technology to awe inspired design. Each bulb can be independently programmed and controlled using smart home technology for an unprecedented lighting experience.

Standard 110v plug-in, 220v optional
Includes white LED bulbs
Optional multi-color smartphone controlled LED bulbs
Infinitely variable light output over entire body and shade
Durable, lightweight, easy to maintain shell

Made with recycled and recyclable materials
Handmade in Southern California
Award-winning design
US and International patents

Standing at over seven feet tall, this indoor/outdoor mood-inducing floor lamp is a designer statement piece and technological wonder. With millions of color options at your fingertips, each of the five LED bulbs can be independently controlled through an intuitive and easy to use smartphone mobile app. Custom combinations of color, hue, and brightness allow users to create their own vibrant lighting scenarios for an unprecedented experience. The Lumen Lamp represents the next generation in sophisticated design and cutting edge technology.

One year limited warranty. Please refer to full terms & conditions.

We advise sheltering the lamp and/or removing the Kindle shade in windy conditions.