Obey the Kindle

Obey the Kindle

Almost ten years ago, Kindle Living had the incredible good fortune to collaborate with street artist Shepard Fairey on a one-of-a-kind auction item for the The Art of Elysium*. Fairey meticulously and painstakingly worked his creative magic, generously donating his time and artistic expression to sticker, stencil and paint the entire surface one of our Lumen lamps.

Over the Influence, a gallery located in LA’s Downtown Arts District, is hosting a powerful new show: Shepard Fairey “Facing the Giant: 3 Decades of Dissent & New Works”. This show spans the evolution of Fairey’s provocative and influential career, from his 19-year old punk beginnings through his current work as a 49-year old artist, activist, father. The title Facing the Giant refers to Fairey’s early career Andre the Giant stickers which were prolifically disseminated and remain characteristic of the defiant idealism that pervades his work to this day.

The artworks represented in Facing the Giant: 3 Decades of Dissent were selected because of their importance aesthetically and conceptually. These works address recurring topics in the artist’s career such as phenomenology, self-empowerment, rebellion, abuse of power, environmental destruction, racism, gender inequality, xenophobia, campaign finance reform, the military industrial complex, propaganda, war and peace, and economic imperialism. Fairey is perpetually inspired to make art, creating compelling imagery to ignite conversations and provide unique avenues to address challenging topics.”

Through December 29, 2019
Over the Influence
833 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, 90013

*For over twenty-one years, The Art of Elysium has paired volunteer artists with communities in Los Angeles to support individuals in the midst of difficult emotional life challenges like illness, hospitalization, displacement, confinement, and/or crisis.