Perspective (With My Head In The Clouds)

Perspective (With My Head In The Clouds)

Perspective is a funny thing. How it changes and bends, turns back on itself, challenges, confuses and confronts us. How the spider-web tattoo I begged a guy to ink on my shoulder at the ripe ‘ole age of 15, would be a very unlike me thing to have today. (Thank you for checking my ID!) It’s a luxury, perspective, as is the ability to adjust and reexamine it throughout our lives.

We’re big into road trips, and there is no greater demonstration of a changing perspective than waking up in a new place from day to day, and when the pedal’s to the metal, second by second. On these trips we spend a lot of time with our heads in the clouds – daydreaming, imagining. We throw caution to the wind, eat ice-cream for breakfast, ride mechanical bulls. We return home recharged with new ideas, fresh inspiration, but the symbol of the cloud remains, both in memories and in photographs. Clouds are never static. They change depending on sun or storm, dawn or dusk. From orangey-pinks to greyish-blues. They are rolling puffs of cotton and sporadic spotted streaks. They are elephants and trumpets and ships with full-blown sails. With the right perspective, however, they are never more or less beautiful, they just are. A reminder to delight in the unexpected, the wonder of what lies just beyond our knowing. We heard a saying in Iceland – “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” It’s a worthy challenge to learn to appreciate those 5 minutes, to view the waiting as an opportunity. To welcome it.

Kindle Living was founded on a principle of innovation, a desire to reimagine and inspire an industry crying out for a fresh perspective. We hoped the world would embrace it, but there are no guarantees. Yes, some people saw it right away, and of course, there are some who never will. We hope this Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to lift your head to the clouds, to appreciate a perspective that may be clear or may be cloudy, and to know that either, or both, are exactly as it’s meant to be.

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