See below for service and troubleshooting all Sunglo heaters.

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Lighting the Heater

Cleaning Pilot Assembly

Cleaning Main Orifice

Replacing Ignitor Battery

Adjusting Electrode

Pilot will not light

  • Air in gas line (hold control knob in on PILOT for a full 2 minutes)
  • Low gas pressure (check tank and regulator)
  • Electrode not creating spark (try lighting pilot with lighter flame) (adjust electrode gap and check ignitor battery)
  • Blockage in pilot orifice (clean)


Pilot will not stay lit

  • Dirt build-up around pilot orifice (yellow flame) (clean pilot)
  • Corroded or faulty thermocouple (replace if pilot flame is blue)
  • Damaged gas valve
  • Winds above 10 mph


Pilot lights but main burner does not light

  • Low gas pressure (check tank and regulator)
  • Blockage in main orifice (clean)
  • Blockage in main burner (clean)


  • If pilot has yellow flame, clear out orifice/pilot area with compressed air.
  • Make sure valve on heater is set to “Off” before turning on tank valve.
  • If pilot has blue flame and heater still will not light it is most likely a bad thermocouple.

A270 Parts List

Heater Reassembly