Swans Island Company

Swans Island Company

We have a major weakness for stripes, and for luxury that is both effortlessly chic + exquisitely crafted, and for companies that value quality over quantity. And did we mention the stripes? So, it’s no surprise we’ve gone mad for Swans Island’s delectably luxe wool blankets and throws.


From an 18th century post-and-beam farmhouse in Northport, Maine, they are honoring the age-old craft of hand loom weaving; and lucky for us there are still some practices best left to tradition. From the sheep (they live onsite), to the dye process (essentially no processing), to the dyes themselves (nature provided), they uphold exceptional values with sensitivity and intention.


The wool is spun in one of only four U.S. mills certified to Global Organic Textile Standards. The color palette pays respect to Mother Earth with dyes that come directly from the source in the form of plants, minerals and insects.


In today’s culture of mass production, theirs is a subtle effort. As they put it, “it’s a meditation on the beauty and value of a handmade life.” It may be a labor of love (each blade of grass is removed from the fleece by hand!), but for those of us snugly wrapped in their wares, it’s just love.


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